site updates

Well obviously chapter four’s been updating for a little bit now while this post has been languishing in my drafts…

Anyhow! You may notice a few visual changes around the site, as well as some tweaked pages (including a new gallery)– have a look around, enjoy the rest of 2019, and thanks for reading!

Chapter three end

That wraps up chapter three! I’ll be taking a break to work on everything coming up next. You can follow Borrowed Bones through Patreon and Tumblr to stay on top of site updates, previews and more!

Thank you for reading! ❤

chapter end/site updates

that’s the end of chapter two! Borrowed Bones will be taking a one-week break and then updating with bonus content on Tuesdays while I move across a couple of provinces!

On Patreon you’ll be seeing some behind-the-scenes stuff (including a better look at future characters) and I’ll be uploading a whole lot of strange old sketches from story’s inception back in 2011-  check it out!

Also the ‘About’ page has been updated with pictures, technical and content information.